Dry eye

Dry eye

13th of March, 2020

Dry Eye

Your tears are made up of three distinct layers – a mucous/sticky layer, a watery layer and an oily layer.  All three layers have to be working properly and have to be of good quality to prevent you suffering from Dry Eye. If they are not working properly you may suffer from the following symptoms –

            Dry eyes

            Watery eyes

            Gritty/sandy eyes

            Burning sensation

            Foreign body sensation (like something is in your eye)

            Intermittent reduced vision

Dry Eye is more common in the over 50s and in females, however it can also be caused by environmental factors (for example -VDU, mobile phone use, air-conditioning), smoking and some medications.

Dry eye is most commonly treated with drops or gels.  Sometime a combination of both may be needed to control your symptoms.  In severe cases of Dry Eye, you may need further treatments. 

If you suffer from any of the symptoms above, pop in and we can advise you on the correct course of treatment.


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